Fukiyotei was able to celebrate its 60th anniversary in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Again, thank you very much for your patronage to everyone. We will continue to offer delicious sushi, exquisite Fugu cuisine, recommended exquisite Fugu,Sushi,Sellfish and other recommended dishes.We use carefully selected ingredients for everyones delight.

Sushi (Recommended cuisine)

Sushi Kaiseki(various kinds of dishes ¥5,000〜 per person+tax)
※Pictures are an example. contents are seasonal.
・Assorted seasonal sashimi
・Simmered dish or pot stew
・Nigiri sushi + small bowl or warm noodles

Fugu (A course:¥7,000〜7,800/person+tax)

・Appetizer(jellied fish or meat broth)
・Fresh Fugu Sashimi
・Fried (Fugu)
・Fugu Stew
・Zosui(porridge of rice and vegetables with fugu)

Fugu (Special course:¥9,000〜11,000/person+tax)

・Appetizer(jellied fish or meat broth)
・Fresh Fugu Sashimi
・Fried food(Tiger Hog)
・Grilled(Tiger Hog)
・Fugu Stew
・Zosui(porridge of rice and vegetables with fugu)

Sushi set(7 kkan)

<special Sushi Set ¥1,600>
・Tuna(Zuke tuna,Fatty tuna)
・Shiromi Fish(having white flesh)
・Hikarimono(Silver-skinned fish)
・Salmon roe
・Sushi roll


(Sushi menu all 1 piece and Price do not include sales tax)
FukiYoteni uses only the best ingredients purchased directory from Tsukiji Fish Market.This includes local as well as distant Japanese fish.I offer you Sushi with all of my historical knowledge and heart.

Spring Fish

Summer Fish

Pacific bluefin tuna Detail

Winter Fish



Sushi roll

  • Atami


  • Isojiman

    ※The most famous local sake in Shizuoka prefecture
    ¥800(1 go)

  • Tokaigen

    ¥800(1 go)

  • Japanese Sake

    ・Warm Sake:¥600(1 go)
    ・Hire Sake:¥800(o1 go)
    ※Sake Flavored with Grilled Fish Fins

    ・Taru Sake:¥700(1 go)
    ※Cask Sake

  • Wine

    ・Half Bottle(Red・White:¥1,800)

  • Beer

    ・Draft Beer:¥600
    ・Bottle Beer:¥600
    ・Non-Alcoholic Beer:¥300

Recommended dish dishes